FDS II Proud System

Specifically Designed for Hospital & Retail Pharmacy and Dispensing Centers


·         Two models to meet a wide range of drug formulary requirements

·         Can hold up to 260 or 336 cassettes for dispensing oral solid medication

·         Unlimited use of cassettes due to use of RFID technology

·         Cassettes are equipped with RFID chip for quick and easy identification

·         More than one cassette for the same medication

·         Cassettes can be exchanged between two or more FDS-II Proud machines

·         Cassettes are individually calibrated and come in two sizes to complement dispensing volume

·         Universal tray accommodates partial / exception dosing and special packaging

·         Unit-dose, combi-dose or multi-dose packaging options

·         Delivers up to 60 packages per minute

·         Extended statistics functionalities

·         Unique barcode per package for bedside verification

·         Both 1D and 2D barcodes are supported

The FDS-II Proud system provides an automated packaging and barcoding system that reduces costs, enhances your pharmacy efficiency and enables bedside verification.

It automates up to 100% of oral solid prescription medications, which represents the majority of doses in an average hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy or dispensing center.

The system facilitates medication administration with easy-to-open unit-dose, combi-dose and multi-dose packaging. It fosters compliance and convenience because every package can be clearly labelled with patient name and administration time, drug name and dosage, drug strength and description. Many more options in various flexible formats are available.

You may also include barcodes on labels. Barcoding enables bedside verification, which can help reduce errors associated with improper dosing and/or drug administration.

Unit-dose, combi-dose and multi-dose medication package sizes are:

·         70 mm W x 60 mm H

·         70 mm W x 70 mm H

·         70 mm W x 76 mm H

·         70 mm W x 80 mm H

·         70 mm W x 90 mm H

Printing capabilities:

·         User definable text

·         Optional barcode

·         Free font size

·         Free print layout,

·         Include pictures and logos




Advanced Performance



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